The first VR Escape Game in NRW – New in Dortmund

Enter the virtual World from HUXLEY and experience in just 44 Minutes an adventure full of riddles. You can move completely free with 7 other players between different dimensions.

The fight against the time starts now!

What is Exit VR?

Exi®t, born in Berlin stands for germanys first outstanding Escape Games. With Exit VR® the designer from Berlin created a unique digital experience. The new brand Exit VR® unites the riddles from classic live escape games and the
virtual technic to a new unique digital experience called – VR Live Adventure „HUXLEY“. Start your journey in a indescribable 3-D World!

2 to 8 players are able to see and hear each other in the virtual world and can, with help of wireless backpacks, move around freely.

Do you have the courage, to help Huxley?



Become our Partner

  • Experience and expertise as one of the first Virtual Reality Live Adventure locations worldwide
  • A Virtual Reality Game created by our own Creative Team, with many excited players and stunning reviews
  • National marketing on all channels within a well-known brand
  • Embedding into a successful website with outstanding closing rates possible
  • Access to a strong network of service providers, producers and a large customer base
  • Self-developed software solutions for specialized in-game administration
  • Different languages possible
  • White Label Edition for integration of different logos possible
  • Promotional version (demo) possible
  • Ongoing technical support possible