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    Unfortunately, we stopped operations on April 3rd 2022.

    We plan to open a new location in the near future. All vouchers will remain valid and can be redeemed there. To stay informed, keep an eye on our social media channels Facebook and Instagram or send us a short email to stay informed about the new opening via our newsletter.

    Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again!


    Team EXIT®

general questions & answers

  • Where does the idea for Live Adventure Escape Games come from?

    Escape games or live escape games belong to the genre of adventure games. It’s mostly browser games, which are typically controlled by point-and-click. The first commercial location based Live Escape Games were created in 2007 in Japan. The first European Live Escape Game was established in Budapest in 2011.

  • What is a live escape game?

    In Live Escape Games, small groups of people are locked in a room together and have to leave them within a given time, with the help of hidden clues and objects. EXIT® offers you not only classic escape games but also mission games. In the latter case, the group is not locked in. The main task is to complete the mission within the given time with the help of many puzzles that build on each other. In both variants, the players are monitored by cameras by our game master. They are connected to the players via microphone and camera and can help if you and your team is having difficulties moving forward. Of course, the players themselves can be active and request instructions to the game master. The EXIT® missions are played by private individuals as well as corporate groups as team building events.

  • What are escape game missions?

    Most live escape game operators, including EXIT®, offer customers a variety of different escape game missions. The genres range from futuristic to horror and fairy tales. As a result EXIT® is able to offer the right adventure for every customer. In addition to a good story, the missions also include a number puzzles that need to be solved in time, creating a breathtaking atmosphere that captivates every player. Depending on the size of the room and the number of the puzzles, the perfect group size varies between 4 and 6 people.

  • How long does an escape game take?

    A live adventure on EXIT® has a maximum playing time of 66 minutes. During this time, you must solve as many puzzles as possible and find the exit. Before the game starts, each team watches an introductory video which explains the story of each mission. After the game we take a team picture and you can exchange your experiences.

  • How safe is the fun of playing "Escape Room"?

    In order to operate a Live Escape Game in Germany, we have to maintain high standards. The regulations regarding fire protection for instance are very strict and higher than in some other countries.  EXIT® has a permit for the operation of the system with the requisite fire safety measures, which also include an evacuation plan. In addition, each group always has the opportunity to leave the rooms by emergency stop buttons and emergency exit doors. For children and adolescents under the age of 15, who may not be able to use these measures themselves, an adult needs to be present in the game rooms. In addition, each group over the entire duration of the game is supervised and watched exclusively by a trained game master, who can also provide immediate help.

  • What is the difference between Live Adventure Games and Virtual Live Adventure Games?

    As the name suggests Virtual Reality games are played in a virtual space. With the help of the latest VR technology, such as VR googles, it is possible to send a group of up to 4 players together on an immersive virtual mission. The experience is different, for instance controllers are used to move around the digital world to solve puzzles. 

  • What is EXIT®go - Code of Berlin?

    On our outdoor mission “Code of Berlin” you go equipped equipped with a tablet on a search through Berlin Mitte. The adventure is suitable for German or English speaking groups with 2-6 players per team and can be booked as a battle by several teams. We recommend the outdoor adventure for adults or families.

    You have 144 minutes to complete your mission and will cover about 4 km. Dogs play for free here!
    You can book “Code of Berlin” HERE.

Exit Missions & Offers

  • Will I play the game only with my friends or with strangers as well?

    You play in your team with your friends or colleagues. We do not mix groups. So if you’ve booked a room, it’s exclusively for you and your team.

  • What do I need to bring?

    All you need is a playful mood and desire for an exciting challenge. If you want to pay on the spot please think about cash or debit card as no credit cards are accepted on site.

  • What is the optimal group size?

    We recommend a team of 4-6 players for maximum fun. But don’t worry, you will have a great experience regardless of group size. Please note, however, the respective minimum and maximum capacity of the different missions.

  • In which languages ​​are the missions available?

    Our games are currently playable in both German and English. But even without perfect knowledge of these languages ​​you can still master our missions.

  • Can I bring someone else, even if I have registered fewer people?

    You can bring in as many players as you can fit in the mission. Of course, you only pay for the actual number of participants, even if someone is unable to attend on short notice.

  • Are there different difficulty levels for each mission?

    The 6 missions are all challenging. However, no prior knowledge is required to play. We recommend at least 3 players for the Missions “Secret Prison” and “Pottsfield Sanatorium”, and you can try 2 players in “Hive City”, “Lost Cargo” and “Biggs The Legacy”. In Battle Mode for “Game Of Crowns” you need at least 4 players.
  • EXIT® as a team event for school classes, companies or bachelor parties. Can larger groups participate?

    We welcome both corporate events and other types of friendly gatherings for up to 60 players per time slot. We also have separate conference rooms and get-together areas and offer catering on request. Please submit your inquiry here: sales@exit-game.de

  • Is there a special offer for school classes?

    For school classes with a minimum of 20 players, we offer our education rate. Two teachers may also play with the students free of charge, if required. The offer is valid from Monday to Thursday until 6:00pm each. If you are interested, please contact: hallo@exit-game.de

Gameplay and security

  • Can I play an escape game if I have a disability?

    All our missions take place in an old GDR communication bunker. There is a staircase with about 20 steps to get into the bunker. The washrooms are not wheelchair accessible. For most wheelchair-users, however, this is not a problem. We offer full accessibility for the Mission “Secret Prison”. If you are hearing impaired, we have prepared a written guide for all missions. We also hand out vibration equipment so you know when the game master has sent a message over the monitor. A short notification before the game starts is important so that our staff can make the necessary preparations.

  • Can I play the missions with my baby or dog in tow?

    In principle, this is not a problem. However, the Pottsfield sanatorium is rated 16+ and therefore we would not advise bringing a baby along. We do not want to be responsible for too many nightmares. 🙂

    Please only bring dogs if they are in carrying basket or cage.

  • Is it a problem to start a mission if I have a phobia?

    That depends on the phobia and on the mission. It is probably best to get in touch with us beforehand. The missions take place in a bunker, which being a bunker, does not have windows. The missions “Pottsfield Sanatorium”, “Game of Crowns” & “Secret Prison” are escape games, here the doors are locked. In the missions “Hive City”, “Lost Cargo” and “Biggs The Legacy” the door is always open.

  • Are the escape games also appropriate for kids?

    In order to ensure a fun, care-free and safe experience for a group of children between 10 and 15 years of age, at least one adult must participate in the game. The adult companion can also passively accompany the group in the room free of charge.

General & further information about Exit Game

  • Can you buy coupons and vouchers?

    At the moment we cannot guarantee 3 years of validity for our vouchers because our lease is ending. As long as we don’t have an extension or an alternative we have to discontinue the sale of vouchers. However, you can directly gift a booking to someone else. To do this, simply book a date in our booking calendar.

  • Worth knowing and small rules of conduct

    EXIT® offers live adventure games. That mean that the rooms are made ready to play for each booking and only blocked for the booked period. Delays and shifts of the game starting time are therefore not possible. Our bunker team is, in many ways, trying very hard to offer you a special experience. We do not tolerate racist, homophobic or sexist speech. Each participant is obliged to comply with the rules of the game. A violation of our rules may lead to the exclusion of the participant or to the complete abandonment of the game. A refund of the is not possible if this is the case. The consumption of (brought) food and drinks in the missions is not permitted. Smoking throughout the venue is prohibited. If guests have medical problems, these must be communicated to the game master before the game begins.

  • What happens if my team and I arrive late?

    Please inform us in any case of delay, immediately. If it does not affect the rest of the day, we can still let you play and shorten your playing time if necessary. In case of considerable delays, unfortunately, the game can no longer take place. We can not refund the game price in this case.

General questions & interesting facts about EXIT VR

  • Can I get dizzy?

    In computer games, confusion may occur. Some of the players suffer from dizziness or nausea, the so-called “Motion Sickness.” We used a great deal of effort to eliminate all known sources of confusion, so the likelihood that Motion Sickness occurs is rather low Eg suffering from severe travel sickness, please be aware that there may be some discomfort.

  • Is there an age recommendation?

    The puzzles could be too difficult for people younger than 12 years. That is why we recommend a minimum age of 12. In our game there are no scenes with blood, violence or gun shots.

  • What happens if we are not able to solve the riddles?

    Our game master is there to help you and give you hints. All puzzles are solvable and have had their feasibility proven. Nonetheless our puzzles are challenging. If you don’t solve the puzzles in time, we will show you why you failed the mission if desired.

  • What is HUXLEY?

    It is a multiplayer game which is playable by 2 up to 8 players. Each player wears a computer backpack, VR-Glasses and two controllers. During the game you can move freely around an area of 4Å~6 meters and immerse yourself into a digital world. Together you are trying to solve the puzzles and complete the mission.

  • Can something happen to me?

    During the VR-Adventure you are accompanied by an experienced game master. That is why you have a contact person around you all the time. At the beginning you receive a short introduction and tutorial for our virtual area and VR equipment.

  • Is it necessary to book online before?

    It is essential to book the mission prior to your game. Booking as well as payment can only be done online. You need to be at least two players. We will not mix the groups. If it is not possible for you to meet the date, write us up to 72 hours in advance so we can find another date or cancel your reservation for free. Our E-Mail is: hallo@exit-vr.de. In case you do not meet the deadline, there will be no refund.

  • What do I need to consider if I wear spectacles?

    If you are wearing spectacles, you can keep them, as long as they fit under the VR glasses. This is the case with most spectacle frames without drop shaped galsses. Alternatively contact lenses are recommended. People with light visual impairment do not need their own glasses. High heels and pinned-up hairstyles are not recommended!

  • Is there anything else I need to take into account?

    Updos and highheels are not recommended!

  • How do I move?

    The entire game you can move freely on an area of approximately 25 square meters. You can walk, bend or turn. By carrying the XMG Walker backpack you are not tied to a cable. In your hands, you hold two controllers that you use to solve the puzzles.

  • What possibilities of payment can I choose?

    It is possible to pay online via PayPal, immediate transfer or credit card. On site you can pay cash or with debit card.

  • Is it possible to play HUXLEY with physical limitations?

    Under certain circumstances it is possible to play the VR game! Please contact us in advance at: hallo@exit-game.de, so that we can discuss this again together.

More Questions

Drop us a line at hallo@exit-game.de

Customer Review


“Five of us played Secret Prison and had 62 minutes of fun and found the solution in the 63rd, three minutes before the end of the game. The puzzles were varied, diversified and with good props. The gamemaster looked after and guided us very well. From the reception to the farewell, everyone was very nice and courteous. We particularly liked the separation of the individual inmate into a cell with a lattice door – you had to work together through the lattice. A fabulous riddle prison. Try it out!”

Thilo R.


“The team is super friendly, the equipment is super cool, despite the tension and horror – you feel safe and just have fun!”

Stefan S.


“We went to Biggs – the Legacy with our two sons (10 and 15) and we haven’t regret it. With great attention to detail and a highly motivated and capable team, the mission became an unforgettable experience. The level of difficulty was not too high, so that one continuously had a sense of achievement. Thanks to the EXIT Game Team, you gave us a great hour!”

Oliver G.


“A great experience. It was a lot of fun. We can recommend it. We would do it again and again. We made it!!!!”

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